Breez car insurance rewards you with the latest smartwatch at no additional cost when you drive well.

ūüó£Big News: Breez Go has launched

Aligned to our mission of creating a greener world, we have launched our free, no strings attached, non-insurance mobile app that plants trees as your drive and cycle to clean up after your car’s emissions.  

Find out more on Search “Breez Go” in your preferred mobile app store or click on the links below:

Things have changed. So should your car insurance.

Why are people switching their car insurance to Breez?


Get the latest smartwatch with Breez car insurance. Get a new smartwatch at any point in time and earn £££ towards your device each month.


Our comprehensive car insurance cover is better than 90% of our competitors' standard products. See the comparison below.


Do everything on your Breez mobile app. Say goodbye to long phone calls and never-ending hold music.

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Even if you don’t need a new smartwatch right now, you’ll still be rewarded! Each month, you’ll earn ¬£¬£¬£ towards your new smartwatch which you can get at any time. Once you receive your new smartwatch, you’ll continue to earn up to 100% of cost back.¬†

The rewards don't stop.

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Receive a discount on your smartwatch just by using the Breez app. Compete with friends, build up your discount and receive safety features at no cost at all.

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The Breez app works whether you have an existing smartwatch or not. Smartwatch users get additional safety features.