We're on a mission

We’re solving key issues facing the world today through our product and technology. Our mission is our guiding star in everything we do – and we take it very seriously.

Mission #1: Make car insurance more affordable

Car insurers generally charge you based on the average cost of driver that looks like you. But we know you are not “average”. That’s why we’re making car insurance more rewarding by giving you a smartwatch at no additional cost – and there’s more to come!

Mission #2: Reduce road accidents

Each year, around 100 000 people in the UK are injured due to road accidents. Most, if not all, of these are avoidable by a change in behaviour.  We’re on a mission to make the roads safer by incentivising behaviour change.

Mission #3: Help the planet

Transport produces around 25% of the UK’s total emissions each year. Good driving can reduce exhaust emissions by up to 30%. This is not only better for the planet, but better for for your wallet.  Better driving = better fuel efficiency = saving money with lower emissions.